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Default 10-bit color and VDPAU

Hi... just looking for some info to educate myself here.

I have a Fermi card that does hardware acceleration of 1080p H.264 through VDPAU and DXVA.

The morons in anime circles are talking about moving H.264 encoding to Hi10p (i.e., using 10-bit color). They don't see any issue here because codecs and video players support 10-bit color decoding and playback these days.

But my understanding is that you can't use hardware acceleration of 10-bit color encoded H.264 streams... which makes the whole concept stupid.

So, for my edification, is hardware accelerated decoding of 10-bit streams not possible due to a lack of support in:

- the actual hardware components (say GeForce or ION chips);
- video card firmware;
- video drivers; or
- VDPAU / DXVA libraries?

I'm not necessarily referring to 10-bit output -- just the onboard decoding of the stream.

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