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Originally posted by Phorem
I had it working for 64 bit too. It was just a little different. I had to use the *.tar files from Nvidia and again, the agpgart had to be a module and the amd64-agp was in the kernel. I also had to make the same changes as above to my XF86Config. I was also using Mandrake 9.2 AMD64 with a recompiled 2.4.23 kernel when i was doing this. Couldn't get it to go with the 2.6.0-test11 ( i know, lack of skill on my part ).

What kind of 3D programing are ya going to do?
I have tried to test that solution using strict 64-bit code, and it will not work with current drivers, not that it matters though, as the 64-bit version of 2.6.0-test12 will include a working agp driver...

(working as in, stable)
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