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Default Re: 10-bit color and VDPAU

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
It's not about 10bit colors. But about 10bit internal encoder/decoder precision. And they're not at all morons for going this route, 10bit help a lot with gradients and preventing banding, so anime is pretty much the biggest benefactor of it.

That said, it would be nice if VDPAU could play 10bit videos. Are you sure it can't?
Of course 10-bit is a great idea -- if it didn't come with this cost. Though the actual visible benefits appear to be minimal, from the videos and screencaps I've seen.

I'll try playing a Hi10p video using VDPAU later today and report back. But my understanding is that this is a deficiency at the hardware level, so we're probably not talking about a driver or VDPAU update. But this is what I would really like to confirm: hardware vs. software.

And the reason it's moronic is that -- if true -- it forces people off of hardware acceleration, which to me appears to be a major regression. I guess there is just an overall detachment from the rest of the universe that I find extremely offputting about the fansubber community. It's not just this particular case -- this is a common theme. You have to play using the one, correct, established means of video playback, to the exclusion of everything else. On the surface that seems kind of silly, but when you dig deeper to see what the actual established method of video playback is -- a cluster-f of hacked-up programs and decoders -- it makes it all the worse.
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