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Default Re: 10-bit color and VDPAU

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
@johnc: Do report back, but somehow I have a feeling that it won't work, that it'll require new hardware. Which in a way is a shame, but anime fansubs aren't HD anyway, are they? So any remotely modern processor shouldn't have a problem with it. And it seems they're doing it for a smaller filesize. So instead of increasing quality, they're going for same quality at lower bitrate.
I think with a modern desktop processor one would be okay. My old AMD Opteron (dual core 2.2 GHz) can handle just about all 1080p anime content -- but just barely in some spots -- except for maybe rare circumstances such as highly-refined scrolling subtitles. I don't know if it can handle Hi10p 1080p yet as I don't have any 1080p samples to try. Not that it matters much for me since I have another system that is more than capable.

But my concern is on low-end, modern hardware such as purpose-built HTPCs. E.g., the Zotac ION that has a low-clocked CPU to keep temps down, and shoves the video decoding work off to the GPU. Take the GPU out of the mix and it seems like it'll be a bit tight, if not impossible.

If it's a hardware thing, then that's a real ball-buster... because if it became a trend it would pretty much obsolete everyone's GPU -- from the aspect of video decoding at least.
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