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Originally posted by filippdavid
i just tried the beta drivers but ... nothing changed.

i got some improvements by installing xfree-mesagl and removing the /usr/X11...../tls directory now i score ~1100 at glxgears....

this looks like a problem with the mesagl, but who knows??
Well, i did, but i haven't been following the whole ordeal since most users having problems were using alpha or beta versions and in those versions stability and performance problems are to be expected...

Another thing to say here, if you don't feel like you have the time to submit bug reports and turn all logging on, don't use the beta drivers, there is a reason why Nvidias beta drivers are usually worse than others, it's mainly because they don't have any /stable, so the stable drivers are beta and their beta drivers really are alpha...

This is, of course, according to the standards in the open world...

Their releases in the closed world are usually top notch, not strange since they are merely a port of what has ben tried and found true.... (yes i know about the dual port, don't bring it up again)...
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