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First of all, All of the other cards are out of my price range. The only one that is close is the radeon 9600se which is (cdn) 170 bucks.. however, the only thing different about this is that it has a 325/400 clock setting, while the asus v9520vs has a 250/400 (which is easily overclockable). Also, it only has a 64-bit memory interface which the 9520vs has 128-bit (i believe).

Also, I do not want to buy an OEM card, and I have seen what the 5200 can do. At 2xaaaf, it can do pretty good. On my pc, which has sdram, it would be stupid to spend (cdn) 200 bucks on a video card which will not make much of a difference on my system, because i will only be using about half of the card's capabilities: i have sdram and 4xagp. Please note that I am not keen on playing games at 1280x1024 or 1600x1200: 1024x768 is good for me.

However, i have heard that the 5200's are not good with new dx9 games and will be very sucky in the future. What do you think of that? Also, if someone knows if the asus v9520 vs has a 128 or 64-bit memory, please tell me, beacuse last time i bought one that didnt say the memory interface, and i ended up returning it. This time, i want to make a good decision before i spend my money.

Finally, I heard the new generation of cards will come out in march will the gpu prices come down before then? Thanks.
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