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Default Re: AMD 2012 Desktop Roadmap Leaked

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post

Arrgh AMD screwed us once again but lucky me not bought AM3+ motherboard yet, I thought AM3+ will last for years but until the roadmap leaked unfortunately revealed AM3+ motherboards and Bulldozer CPUs will have the shortest life to last about 6 months until around Q2 2012 to be replaced by next generation successors socket FM2 and Komodo CPUs with up to 10 cores.

I expected Komodo to use AM3+ but that will not be the case so guess no major upgrade for my PC this year. I probably be wait until next year for FM2 motherboard and 10 core Komodo, my Phenom II 940 is doing fine at the moment.

REALLY wished AMD see common sense to cancelled AM3+ and Bulldozer months ago and push forward Komodo to Sept launch.
I mean, I think it was fortunate for AM3 owners to even get AM3+ for a little while. It's only natural that they will release a brand new socket, which will probably have a similar lifetime to that of AM3.
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