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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
Like Viral said, pretty much any OC'd high end single SB CPU setup will drill your glorified benchmarking box where gaming is concerned.

Gamers want the fastest available processor and that will be the 3960. I'd hoped for a little more but it is still reasonable and we've yet to see proper benchmarks.

See the funny thing about that statement is that the main enhancement of the upcoming SB-E is that it has extra cores(2 more) and handles 4 extra threads too and adds 2 extra memory channels, compared to the current 4 core/ 8 thread, twin memory channel sandy bridge that you love so much for gaming, and it's exactly those extra cores and extra threads and memory channels that games still don't use, but many will still buy the systems with these upcoming processors anyhow...

As for my own system, if/when games do use those extra cores/threads, it's bye bye sandy bridge in gaming, as the processors in it still have plenty of untapped speed for gaming when you have 12 cores and 24 threads to play with, and even now with them running at 4 Ghz rock stable for the last 4 months straight, they're not exactly a slouch in any game out there, even though their full potential is not even close to be fully used....
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