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Default Installing Linux 64-bit 275.21 driver...No terminal after killing the X-Server...

I'm having a problem installing this driver on my Ubuntu 11.04 system, primarily due to the fact that the driver cannot be installed while the X Server (Gnome) is running.

When I kill the Gnome/X Server, I should be back at a text terminal shell, where I can then proceed with the installation. However, when I kill the X Server, the graphics card seems to stop sending video to the monitors, and the monitors immediately enter "Sleep" mode. I don't know if the ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII graphics card is sending a "sleep" signal to the monitors or if the monitors are entering "Sleep" mode due to the loss of a video signal.

Does anyone know why I cannot get back to the standard terminal upon killing the X Server?

Thanks, Marc
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