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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
But for Tri-SLI, you're heavily limited by your 4GHz CPUs. I was as well when I had 3 580s. Even at 7680x1600!
A $300 CPU can provide much better Tri-SLI scaling. That's the sad part. And this is why I'm looking forward to SNB-E. Better overclockability without giving up on cores. Even though I have no real usage for 6 Cores on my PC. That's why I might just skip SNB-E and get a normal Ivy Bridge instead.

I'm sure you have a heavily threaded real world workflow for your system. Although you still haven't mentioned that in any of your brag-posts

How is a sandy bridge 4 core / 8 thread CPU night and day better than a 6 core/12 thread gulftown or westmere CPU?.....Both use the 32nm process for one, the gulftowns or westmeres have 50% more L2 cache and when using the same cooling methods on both, sandy bridge can clock maybe an extra 500Mhz over the 6 core chips.

It can be faster than the 6 core processors, and is an awsome value for the money at 300$, but it's not blowing those 6 cores away in the slightest unless 5 or 10% better performance is a huge difference for you, and the fact remains that the 4 core sandy bridge chips are closer to their maximum performance, while the gulftowns and upcoming sandy bridge E's with 6 cores /12 threads, are not using those 2 extra cores and 4 extra threads in gaming in most cases, so there's still extra performance for developers to extract here...

Blaming the hardware for defects or lack of performance, when the software isn't making use of the extra hardware in the first place has always made me laugh...
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