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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
Shadow001 has made claims that he uses it for more than just benchmarking/gaming although I never heard any of these claims when he was trying to pimp his dual 5970 box.

The point is that a single OC'd 2500/2600K will best your system where gaming is concerned and that is already 6 month old hardware, the 3960x will widen that margin significantly.

By the time 12 cores are relevant for gaming, there will be a single 12 core CPU. No game developer in their right mind will develop a game for a non existent segment of the gaming market when better results can be achieved with a single processor.

Furthermore, making arguments that the 990x/3960x's 'extra' 2 cores are useless, and then in the same post trying to make the case that your 'extra' 6 will be utilized at some point, is borderline schizophrenic IMHO. Obviously, 6 (then 8) cores are going to be the next relevant plateau as far as gaming goes. As previously stated, game developers don't design games with server/productivity hardware in mind.

PS: I'm genuinely glad you enjoy your PC but we don't want to hear about how 'great' it is in every post.

No it isn't schizophrenic, people will buy the 3960x's since it'll be intel highest end chip once released, and games won't really use those extra cores for the time being, just like they aren't being used in my system with current games, even though the potential for higher performance is there in both cases, but i'm sure some will still make a case that the 3960x's are somehow much better in gaming than the 2600K just the same, and worth the extra 1000+$ over the 2600k when you consider the cost of the processor and the motherboard and the extra memory(4 channels remember)....
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