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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
You seem to be of the opinion that if you spend money on something it is a sound investment (even when it isn't) but if other people spend ~$1k on a better processor than your two Xeons (gaming wise), they are somehow wasting their money.

You have a lot of nerve questioning what other people spend their money on when you have spent at least $1000.00 per Xeon (probably more) and $700.00 on the motherboard. A 3960x based system will cost less and provide much better performance where gaming is concerned.

Your system will be obsolete long before 12 cores are even a 'recommended' spec as far as gaming goes.

I had my reasons for spending the money plain amnd simple, and what other people do with their money when these 6 core CPU's will be released is their business, but there's more than enough information to indicate that no matter what improvements are done to sandy bridge E's overall architecture, there will still be 2 cores and 4 threads within that proocessor not getting used in gaming, just like they're not being used on my Xeons, so here we are discussing what is better when in neither case, the hardware isn't being used fully anyhow when it comes to gaming is pretty pathetic to say the least.

Just because the X79 chipset will be all the rage as it's the latest high end platform, and sandy bridge E's with 6 cores and 12 threads the latest processor, means didly squat if the software isn't leveraging everything the overall platform can dish out performance wise, and gaming developers might start concentrating on CPU's with these many cores and thread handling ability when they'll be much more common(the vast majority of the market really), wich might take a few years still......Spending resources in development time and game design wich costs some serious money btw, that caters to way less than 5% of the market that has these 6 core CPU's right now is nuts if you're a developer.....Games are expensive enough to make as it is, with some having cost more than 100 million to make and 4~5 years of work for a team of several hundred people.

In my case, the only thing i'll ever change in my setup are the video cards, and only when there's a fab process change(like the upcoming 28nm products), the performance nearly doubles over the current generation and the power use stays under 300 watts per card under full load (PCI-e compliant)......The CPU's and motherboard stay put for the next several years when it comes to gaming as there's a lot of speed still not getting used, and personally i'm sick and tired of doing upgrades every 2 years for 10~30% performance improvements when my current setup is handling them fine, so when there's a setup out there that can double the performance of this one IN EVERY APPLICATION ,wake me up...
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