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Default Re: OpenGL performance - 2 cards Geforce GTX 470 , 4 Monitors, slow xinerama

Xinerama splits up the OpenGL command stream for the two
cards. That causes quite some friction.

With one card + two video splitters you get about 30% more
performance (compared to two cards + xinerama at the same
resolution). In case you have DVI, you would need two
TripleHead2Go boxes (DualHead2Go DVI is not recommendable
because it has a VGA input, only). If you have DP, then DH2Gs
would be sufficient in your case.

Unfortunately, those Matrox video splitters are not exactly cheap.
However, after running into tons of issues with mutli-GPU setups,
I decided to purchase those devices a couple of years ago and
they easily payed off because its much simple to handle a single
GPU (most importantly driver wise, but also having less issues
with casing, cooling and PSU, etc).


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