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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Looks like there might be another Extreme Edition scheduled for a Q4 2011 release

I love the 8 in the name

Disregarding the video cards, i can see a setup that can double performance in every application relative to mine as something that looks like this:

Dual 8 core ivy bridge CPU's(22nm fab process), with hyperthreading support, for a grand total of 32 thread handling ability and with the 22nm process, the capability to exceed well past the 4 Ghz barrier under load while needing little voltage increases and be easy to cool down.....Intel did say that their finfet 22nm fab process is 30% more power efficient than their 32nm process afterall, so we'll see how that translates into overclocking terms.

A motherboard supporting dual CPU sockets and has a lot of overclocking features, as well as using regular unregistered, non ECC DDR3 ram(obviously 4 memory channels per socket), and supporting up to 4 way SLI or 4 way crossfire....Basically the next generation after this EVGA SR-2 board i'm currently using...

Between the extra cores and the extra threads as well as the same or higher overclocking capabilities and the 4 memory channel per socket and any and all improvements to the architecture of the CPU's themselves(including new instruction sets like AVX), i do believe the performance can double over mine even in applications where all the cores and threads get fully used.....The question is when and if such a platform will exist, especially when in comes to the motherboard itself.....Will EVGA make a next generation dual socket board that can overclock?
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