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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Seriously, you have a Dual Xeon, SR-2 system? Awesome! Why didn't you mention that earlier?

Wait, you mentioned that like a million times already. That's your standard reply to every news post about something LGA2011 related. Please stop it already.
It's as bad as back when you just came here to talk about your Dual 5970 setup.

Slytat is absolutely right about you. There was a reason why I put you on ignore last time.

Not everything is about your system so you don't need to mention your system in every post. Then again, this is not the first time I'm trying to tell you this.

It's cool slawter, all i mentioned in my last post is what it would take to beat my setup conclusively in any and all applications by a large degree, and it obviously needs a lot....

Other users need what they need to beat theirs, and the hardware will be different for them....To each their own.
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