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Default Re: Intel X79 Chipset

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
And now he speaks about the potential of 8 cores on that new release and how great it'll be when 4 cores are used in gaming scenarios.....Seriously pathetic.
First off, I never said anything to that effect (bold), don't put words in my mouth, jerk. When did I talk about the potential of anything? I said it would be good if there was an 8 core processor and that's all I said.

I'll tell you what's pathetic, your reading comprehension skills.

Now, moving on, I never made any argument about cores, you did, you unmitigated buffoon.

I merely stated that nobody develops games for dual CPU setups. I only ever countered your schizophrenic assertion that your 12 cores are good (or will be at some point) while anyone who buys a 6 core is making a bad decision.

Don't project your puerile and ill contrived arguments onto me please.

Unlike you, I actually use my machine(s) for more than gaming and showing off to the random internet populace.

Again, stop posting in this thread about an unrelated topic (AKA your toy benchmarking box).

Tx in advance Shadduh
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