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Originally posted by filippdavid
CPU= Intel p4 2.6 Ghz fsb=800 Mhz
motherboard= Abit Ic7 chipset intel 82875P (MCH) + 82801ER (ICH5R)
RAM = 1 GB DDR 400 Mhz
video card= Abit Siluro NVidia GeForce FX 5200 128 MB DDR

please ask for more if can help
Well, i seen no incompabilities in that, hmmmm... Actually, i have a customer that has an almost identical setup...

I have got to test this out, be patiant for a day or two and i'll come back with results...

I assume you have tried the obvious things like BIOS upgrades for both the MB and the Card...

Gonna check it out, will be back soon with results...
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