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Default Re: Think EVGA GTX285 is dying...

Circuits are made up of materials that either contain or interact with electrical charges. These charges arise due to the motion of electrons, and each circuit has inherent vibrations due to ambient temperature. For all temperatures greater than absolute zero (0 Kelvin), these vibrations hamper electron movement and result in circuit noise. It is important to note that it is the fundamental nature of materials to induce noise, and this noise can never be completely removed.

Your problem is likely a result of of the volt regulating parts of the card/mobo vibrating, that or coil "whining" in card/mobo/psu and its correlated to good vs bad quality components.

I had same prob with my old evga gtx 260. In cases of very high frame rates it would make a very high pitched almost inaudible noise that would shift in frequency depending on frame rate (only audible to me above 300+ fps).
My card did this from day one and it was especially bad in pre rendered in game intros where the fps could shoot up to several thousand like booting up Crysis with no v-sync for example.

I don't think your card is about to die, maybe you just didn't notice this before?
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