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Default after trial

please find the following files details i am attaching here with
as asked by you.
the command 'uname -r 'prints out "2.4.2-2"
now i run Xconfigurator and copied the log &message and config files which are availble in

/var/log and /etc/X11 directories respectively.

then i edited the XF86Config-4 file as per the driver
documentation and started X by "startx" and corresponding log files are
1. XFree86.0.log
2. XF86Config-4
3. XF86Config
4. messages

in addition to this i am giving my system configuration

1.CPU - AMD Ahtlon 1800+
2. Motherboard ASUS A7N266-VM
North Bridge Chipset : nvidia 220D GeForce MX integrated GPU
South bridge : nVidia nForce MCP-D integrated peripheral south bridge controller
and Dolby Integrated Audio.
3. seagate barracuda 40GB partitioned as C,D,E,F,(G- linux root+ swap)
where G drive i deleted during installation and made for linux native and swap.

In C drive i have windows98 and i am using XOSL extended boot loader
for loading both windows and linux . kindly advice me which version of
linux i should use to get the problem solved
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