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Default Re: Recommend a wireless adapter

Well the 802.11b is about 11Mbps and 802.11g is 54Mbps. Now if your using this just for internet traffic and and not so much intranet traffic (LAN) the 802.11g is plenty because I doubt you have a 54Mbps connection. I use the usb wireless adapter I listed for my HTPC (windows updates, surfing, updating my IMDB and so on). Yeah you can game with it fine it just depends on how far you are away from the WAP (wireless access point) and how many obstetricals there are.

I use Ethernet for the wifes PC and mine. I use wireless for my laptop, printer, HTPC, Wii. Because I didn't want to crawl up in the attic. I will probably in the winter run some cat5e over to the home theater and use a switch for the blu-ray player, HTPC, DirectTV box.
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