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Default Re: Recommend a wireless adapter

Originally Posted by lduguay View Post
If you need 4 wired ports, then this product is very good as a Wireless N bridge.
D-Link DAP-1522 for 66$
I've been using that little box for a year now, 1 port for the HTPC, 1 for the XBox, 1 for the TV, 1 for the BR player, missing one port for the Receiver/AMP (but just for that once a year firmware upgrade)

EDIT: slightly cheaper at NewEgg
Ok that little item just may be exactly what I need. It's got good feedback too. Thanks!

@mullet - I'll have a bit different config than you with a wireless printer, 3 laptops and possibly an HTPC in the future - good to hear everything you have works fine. I'm still a wireless n00b, so i wasn't sure of the bandwidth limitations.
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