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Default Re: GT540m and 270.41.06

Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
It will work in laptops that have the integrated GPU deactivated, or that have a hardware mux to switch between graphic cards.
Those are one and the same. The only machines that can disable the Intel onboard are the ones that have the additional mux.

gianvito: Optimus doesn't work how you think. For all intents and purposes you only have an Intel card. Don't try and install drivers the the nVidia card. To use the nVidia card on Linux you need to use something like Bumblebee (google optimus bumblebee) which lets you use the nVidia card on-demand (same as Windows).

Basically the way Optimus works is the nVidia card sits behind the Intel card and is used in addition and only when called specifically.
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