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Originally posted by 1m4g1n3
However, i have heard that the 5200's are not good with new dx9 games and will be very sucky in the future. What do you think of that? Also, if someone knows if the asus v9520 vs has a 128 or 64-bit memory, please tell me, beacuse last time i bought one that didnt say the memory interface, and i ended up returning it. This time, i want to make a good decision before i spend my money.

Finally, I heard the new generation of cards will come out in march will the gpu prices come down before then? Thanks.
Well, as far as the lame DX9 support... it still offers it when ATi's 9200 doesn't. So that is pretty fair, but it doesn't mean it's great either. I still enjoy having the option to play DX9 games regardless of what people say about DX9 and Nvidia. So far, I have not seen a game yet that has been built soley on DX9 tech alone. It is typically a mixture of DX8.1/DX9 Shaders, and that results in playable frame rates at least.

As I said before though, this card is a stand by card. It is filling in till the next gen cards are released which seems around the time I will actually have the money to purchase something anyway. I would have loved to snag up one of those 5900 Non Ultra's, but I can't right now. If you do go with an FX5200U, make certain it is a 128bit memory interface. Might wanna try looking around at NewEgg to see what people have said about them or other sites that sell them. There's no doubt that every manufacturer out there has been very vague about the spec's of a FX5200, though generally the Ultras are suppose to have a 128bit interface.

GPU prices are dropping at a pretty good rate now, it is actually a pretty good time to buy.


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