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No Smokey. That's untrue. While Via does have the known issue, the problems did NOT only happen on Via motherboards. I clearly recall the debates in another forum I used to frequent over the issue, and the people posting about the problem. Then again, there is also the fact that I had a Live. I used it through a few upgrades, including motherboards, and all were Intel BX chipsets (processors ranging from the Celeron 300A through the P3-450), and I had the issue at times. Thanks to the fact that the problem didn't always occur for me, as well as the fact that the hardware didn't change (the card..), and the chipset was the same, I tend to lean toward the crummy drivers.

The worst part is that the drivers that exposed the least of the Live's power had no issues. It was the later drivers, which supposedly added support for more of the true potential of the Live that started the crackling crap.
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