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Default Re: Nvidia FXAA in console games using capture card

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
This is done while playing? Or after capturing footage? I mean is it done live or is it like an effect I add to a video file.
it's real time while playing like a real time post process effect directly on the captured stream.
Kinda what you can do with media player classic or vlc by adding various effects in real time.

nvidia FXAA is very similar to Ati's MLAA but fxaa is universal and works on both brands
It's a real time single pass shader compatible with both cards using edge detection algorithms. In the HardOCS article there's a link to nvidias whitepage in pdf format about fxaa and how it works.

fxaa cant really see any difference between geometry, it treats the entire picture softening aliased edges, but it works pretty well in the games i've seen it

with nvidia inspector you can force fxaa on a driver level, but it only affects open gl so far.
I've tried it with some old gl games and dolphin emulator using the open gl render path.
I like it a lot there as you get the added bonus of transparency anti aliasing for "free"
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