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That poses another problem: I haven't found a store in Canada that sells 5200 Ultras, only 5200's. And the best ones i've found so far is the asus v9520 video suite and the msi-5200vtd. At eVGA site, the price for a 5200u is $130us, and so it is quite expensive, but I'd also end up paying more for delivery and costs for passing it through the border. So, I cannot setlle between these two.

The advantage with MSI's version is that their ram is rated at 4ns, which means it can go up to 500mhz from the default 400mhz (no ramsinks).

The advantage with the ASUS version is that it has great cooling with ramsinks, and it has a better reputation for quality. I know that I can overclock the gpu easily from 250 to 325 with any fan/heatsink combo which is standard on these two. The ram however, i am sure i can get to 450 without stressing it on the asus, and 500 without stressing on the msi. However, with the msi, there is no heatsink on the ram chips, plus they do not have much of a reputation for quality. I like both of these cards because they have VIVO and dual monitor (which is virtually standard today).

What has got my stumped is that I can't figure out if these guys have 128-bit interfaces or 64, although i am pretty sure they both have 128. Just gotta call the manufacturers and find out i guess. For someone who is kind enoguh to help me decide, let us assume that they are both 128 bit and there is (virtually) no price difference.

I do understand that this nv34 gpu is pretty slow, however, in a couple of years from now i will be far in my university studies and I won't be worrying about being able to play games all the time. For a couple of years at least, I'll be able to play games at 1024x768 2xaa, 2xaf, which will satisfy me grandly. Plus, I'll be upgrading my mobo and ram when the 64-bit stuff's prices will be going down, so by that time there will be much better cards, which will slash the prices on the high end cards that are out right now. At the moment, anyways, having sdram and 4xagp will limit my graphics power anyways, so this is the smartest generation of card to buy. I hope I've made my ideas about why I am buying such a low-end video card clear.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


P.S.: I got my money back for that 64-bit piece of junk that xfx tricked me into buying, so I can make a clear decision on buying a video card now.
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