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Originally posted by 1m4g1n3
First of all, All of the other cards are out of my price range. The only one that is close is the radeon 9600se which is (cdn) 170 bucks.. however, the only thing different about this is that it has a 325/400 clock setting, while the asus v9520vs has a 250/400 (which is easily overclockable). ect ect ect ect.
if that is not a miss type and that is ATI Radeon 9600 it will kick the crap out of any GFFX 5200 , you can safely ignore MHZ becouse it doesn't mean much same as Intel vs AMD Megaherz doesn't mean FASTER !!

but if its 9200Se witch is based of 8500 core no ? it will be still faster in DX8 games for sure !! it was direct competitor to GF 3.

GFFX 5200 none ultra is more or less MX class card even if it have DX9 support its useless !
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