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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Well first of all, that video is from the beta days in 2008 I was part of that as well.
And I'm still racing there. It's worth it.
I'm not a fan of MMOs, I've never wasted time and money on titles like WoW for example. Also, I don't like the concept of DLCs and I have yet to buy a DLC pack at full price.

But somehow, iRacing throws my "rules" out of the window. Guess why? Yes, because it is that good!

btw, when iRacing first presented their concept, I was very active in LFS and thought this new thing will fail because of its cost. Then I got a beta access and I have never fired up LFS again since then.

I have all the content and including the subscriptions, I've probably spend around $1200-1500 over three years. That's not a lot of money for such a long time. Your normal game costs you $50 ($75 in Switzerland) for maybe 8-12h of fun. And it's about the same, if not a lot less, amount of money you have to invest in FSX for example. And nothing compared to the hardware investments for a "serious" sim experience

But one thing is true. Now, you have to spend a lot more money to advance or even race a full season after completing the Rookie series. They have a lot more tracks now and a season runs 12 weeks on usually 12 different tracks. Back when I started, a season was also 12 weeks but only on 6 tracks. So buying new content was a slow and steady process. Now you need to invest more right from the start. But still, it's worth it
I'm sure the game is really fun. My point is I as a casual racer am not willing to spend that kind of money for one video game. I guess it is the same reason why I haven't bought any MMOs until TOR. For someone who is really into racing it looks to be a match made in heaven.
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