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Originally posted by filippdavid
no i haven' t , i' m terribly scared of it , i can try it, if i don't have to risk too much, but you should tell me exactly what to do ... ^_^
If you are going to be involved in the computer business, you need to know these things...

I know it is scary, believe me, when i did it 10 years ago on my fathers system, it WAS scary, he would have spanked my butt with a barn if i would have failed...

Not to worry, just download the files and put them on a boot floppy, (follow the instructions, reboot and let the floppy upgrade the computer...

Unless you get a sudden power surge it will be ok... i would use the regular format option of the diskette though, sure, it will take a few minutes, but you just do it once...

If you need a further explanation or completed work... my e-mail is
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