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Default Re: "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop."

EDIT: just read the stickies about posting errors - bug report in the attachment

I've tried to increase QUEUE_SIZE in xserver/mi/mieq.c to 2048. The freezes remain, backtrace and EQ overflowing are gone from logs. This happens only when I try to use opengl. Most of time the first freeze occurs 1-2 minutes from starting opengl app. The third freeze is permament - killing the app does not work, killing entire X (from ssh) results in blank black sreen (like ttX), without ability to do anythin (like all input was dead). With beta drivers it's even worse - usually opengl apps produce black screen and the freeze

Tried with serveral games - those from latest Humble Bundle reproduce bug every time. Older games like Gothic1 via wine just introduce a freeze every couple of minutes. What debug info can I send so someone from nvidia would do something responsible and try to fix this? I understand that glitches happen with newer cards but this is a complete disaster - it's almost two years since my GeForce is nothing more than a poor 2d gfx chip and this is pretty frustrating.

EDIT: also I've set Option "UseEvents" "false" in xorg.conf - nothing changed.
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