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Two options:

From the Dev forum, this fixed it for me:

"For those of you who have received "An error has occurred" while downloading the Lion Developer Preview in the App Store, here is a fix to start the download again:

1. Close the App Store.
2. Open Finder and browse to your home directory (~)
3. Open up Library/Application Support/AppStore/manifest.plist in Xcode.
4. Change the values 'failed' and 'paused' from YES to NO.
5. Move the directory '420410606' to the Trash.
6. Launch the App Store, go to Purchases and click Resume."

Launch the App Store
While holding down the OPTION key, click on the “Purchases” section
You should see “OS X Lion” and “Install” should now be gray and you can click that to re-download Lion (you may have to re-authenticate within the App Store with your Apple ID).
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