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Default Re: still no geforce 2 tab working with my geforce 2 pro :(

Originally posted by b5fan
tried the new nvidia 40.72 drivers and the tab for the geforce 2 foe my geforce 2 pro still shuts down on me

back to 30.82 for me
its only the 40.71 and 40.72 thats doing it as the 40.52 worked ok besides the bugs
[Edit: apologies if this is a bit off-topic...I will get around to the 40.72 drivers! ]

I haven't tried the 40.72 yet (this weekend), but I've got the tab for my GeForce 2 GTS present in the display properties with the 40.71 drivers. You definitely got rid of (i.e. uninstalled) all the old drivers before putting the new ones on, I take it? Which OS? I'm on Windows2000...

[Second Edit: I installed the 40.72s, and the GF2 tab is indeed present in the control panel. Coolbits works, Refresh Force works, RivaTuner works. All is well. Performance is pretty much on par with the 40.71s for me, but everything looks pretty good.]


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