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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Like I mentioned before, SMBX is much better.
Most importantly the network share access and folder browsing is much faster than in SL.

And the performance is on the same level as my Win 7 PC when copying files to/from my fileserver (Server 2008 R2). Although Windows 7 tends to start off with a really high MB/s value and then slows down. Not sure if those values are accurate. OS X stays very constant.
I'd say the file transfer takes about the same amount of time.

SMBX really is my favorite "under the hood" change in Lion
Yea that's a major improvement over Snow Lepoard. I would imagine directory loading is significantly improved as well. If you primarly use a windows based server that alone is worth $30 just for the speed boost.

@Nekro: It isn't so much the gigabit networking performance as the software it's based on. Snow Lepoard used samba, which was originally based on NT / 2000 technology. It never scaled well with gigabit connections. I'd imagine if you used another type of sharing method it would be able to saturate the link.

Off topic I'd have to say Samba 3 is just really dated. It doesn't matter what distro it's on I've never seen good performance from it. Samba 4 might change that but seeing as how it's been in alpha for 4 years I wouldn't wait around for it.
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