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Default Re: New Graphics Technology for games

Originally Posted by TheTaz View Post
Yeah... I thought it smelt fishy.

Thanks for the info and link!
Hmmm.. Shame if it is a scam. If it actually uses Voxels instead of the technique they describe then that definitely is misleading at the least. However...

Anybody remember the Delta Force series of games from Novalogic? The games used a... ::drum roll:: ... Voxel based game engine!! The terrain was very expansive. No game at the time (I think the original game was released in 1997/1998 time frame...) came close to the distances involved in that game. Awesome gunfights took place over vast distances that are only now being replicated. According to a Wikilink article, typical maps were... 1 km squared as the article talked about. Apparently the memory usage may not be as bad as that article said?

The Delta Force series of games used voxel for terrain and polygons for characters and buildings. The problem was video cards couldn't accelerate voxels. So, practically all CPU power was used to draw the graphics. The result was the graphics weren't all that great and some people may say they even sucked relative to the games at the time. However, they sure played smooth and were fun as could be thanks to the possibilities the vast terrain offered; it was amazing and awesomely fun the tactics that were developed for online play across the hilly terrain. Later sequals of the game accelerated the buildings and players on the vid card but the graphics just never got to the detail of other games available at the time during the later sequal releases, such as the original Ghost Recon as a comparison. One interesting by-product of Voxes, if I recall correctly, was due to their nature jagged edges weren't as bad/numerous compared to polygons. This meant a lot of vid card power didn't have to be used on AA techniques (tricks?) which allows that power to be used for other stuff.

The potential for some NICE terrain using voxel is there and I do hope it becomes possible to accelerate Voxel graphics with the vid card soon. Check this demo out on youtube:

Be sure to watch it in HD resolution. It's not bad folks. Take this stuff and combine it with Raytracing in the years to come... watch out!!
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