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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Originally Posted by abtomat74 View Post
"Completely" different? Rush mode? Spotting? Exact same sounds?

No I haven't played it but from everything I have seen it sure as hell does look and sound quite a bit like BC.

Let me put it another way: if no announcement or any word at all had been made in regards to BF3 and this video suddenly appeared on Youtube without any title, I'd say everyone would guess Bad Company, not Battlefield.
If you played it, you would know. I tried playing it how I usually play battlefield, and i ended up with like a record of 1-10 or something. The "gameplay experience" is totally different. And it sounds FAR worse than BC2. Weapons don't have the same BOOM feel, the ambient sounds are not there, but that's ok, it is Alpha. It might look like BC2 with the HUD and the spotting, but the experience really couldn't be more different.
I doubt anyone with significant time playing BC2 and who played the alpha would say this is like bad company 3.
Like I said before, it plays like a mix of MoH and hardcore Cod4.
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