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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Bob how do you come to that conclusion m8 ? BF3 alpha couldn't be further away from cod or is more like BFBC2 in the sense of ground warfare and the map was linear just like a BFBC2 rush map. Just the enemies seem harder to see when they havent been spotted (with illuminous orange triangles) and camping seems to be all anyone does...even the attacking team. It is slow paced, bad hit detection and hit boxes, the weapons feel like pea shooters, too much animation with the wall jumps and knifing, map was too open and getting scoped from 1 spawn to the other was nothing out of the ordinary. I was very displeased with BF3 alpha, i know its not a finished product and nor is this my final judgement. However BF3 has gone from my most eagerly awaited game ever to being something i might pick up after a try of the final pre order from me.
I felt it was like hardcore cod4 because mainly you die extremely fast (1-3 shots), and the game is much more of a twitch shooter than, say, BC2, which turns twitch only in really close quarters imo.
I agree that map construction was very similar to BC2, and yes, 80% of people did nothing but camp, but I am sure you and others have at some points gotten either behind the enemy, spawn camping, or planting/guarding bomb, the openness of the map, and you vulnerability, make the action SO SO much more hectic and fast than BC2 ever was. For example, One round as attacker, I made my way under the little bridge/tunnel area on the left hand side of the first mcons, and i tried to hold this place as enemies started coming, and it just felt like nothing ever in BC2. The speed of this game almost borders something like Quake 3 multiplayer. Anyways that's how i felt...
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