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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
He's a BF BC2 fanboy that wants to try and compare the game to 2 games he doesn't like.

Its quite obvious to anyone that tried the BF3 alpha it's just a rehash of BF BC2 with the exception of seeing your feet when you vault. I mean anyone with any BF BC2 play time would recognize that, he's just trying to be a dick.
f*ck off cod4 is one of my most favorite mp shooters of all time. If you think BF3 alpha is so similar to BC2, your voice really has a lot of meaning behind it, because you posted your stats, and we see how much experience you have playing BC2. Oh, no wait, you probably suck balls at BC2, and haven't played more than 10 hours. Prove me wrong.
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