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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I just did a few offline laps with the Roadster and did a 59.805 (edit: 59.557 in the meantime) and saved the replay. Maybe this will help you a bit. If not, there are lots of great tutorials on the iRacing Member Forums
It's far from optimal though, especially since I'm not using my normal sim setup right now.

Save the file to your My Documents\iRacing\replay folder and navigate to Events->Replays on the iRacing site. There are two tabs "Online Replays" and "Testing Replays". This one will be under "Testing Replays".

That's about the lap time I'm trying to get to. Is that with the car set up as standard?
Trying to work out if the games more about the set up or about getting the laps in to improve your time.
Really wierd playing a game without a map Also ****pit view is a bit alien to me, usually a bonnet cam person. and 360 pad, but don't tell the P.C. fan boys I play on a 360

Just checked out your video, Technically it looks the same lines that I'm taking, your just cleaner and carrying a little more speed. My breaking and lifting look to be the same or very similar to what your doing. So that's a good start Just need more practice.
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