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Default Re: What percentage of PS3 games give the option to scale? (plus audio question)

I used to have my ps3 connected to a 16:10 1680x1050 native res and a harman/kardon receiver for audio.
I had to set the ps3 to 720p which is fine as most games are renders internally at this res anyways and then up or down scaled, audio is set to optical out dts as preferred, linear pcm is on by default.

Now i got a 1080p display so i set the ps3 to that and i've had no problems at all.

I do think all ps3 game stores 2channel uncompressed audio, and many other stores lossless compressed multichannel if you got a reciever that supports it.

Either way you wont notice much difference as more then likely your receiver or speakers isn't good enough to pickup the difference. I got mine set to dts as I think its better then dolby in lossy compression and better captures the dynamic range. Not all games stores audio in lossless multichannel however they all support dts.
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