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Default Re: Hard Reset PC exclusive FPS

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
No multiplayer makes this a little off putting for me..FPS game with similarities to UT3 with no multiplayer hmmm.
Isn't it a bit repetitive, the same multiplayer, just different maps and skins and maybe minor adjustments to game mechanics. It's like the same person just different clothing.

Most games with MP focus too heavily on MP, trying to be the next CoD. How many purely SP campaign driven FPS titles have their been lately, that have truly been great?

How many SP titles have their been lately with MP that has obviously had more emphasis on the MP instead of SP?

Me, I'm rather stoked about this. Never did get into the MP buzz. Always preferred a properly done SP campaign. Now, for a MP element I'd not mind CO-OP. That'd be a blast if done right.
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