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Default Re: Hard Reset PC exclusive FPS

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Isn't it a bit repetitive, the same multiplayer, just different maps and skins and maybe minor adjustments to game mechanics. It's like the same person just different clothing.

Most games with MP focus too heavily on MP, trying to be the next CoD. How many purely SP campaign driven FPS titles have their been lately, that have truly been great?

How many SP titles have their been lately with MP that has obviously had more emphasis on the MP instead of SP?

Me, I'm rather stoked about this. Never did get into the MP buzz. Always preferred a properly done SP campaign. Now, for a MP element I'd not mind CO-OP. That'd be a blast if done right.
To be fair the exact same could be said for single player, only with singleplayer your near enough getting the same experience everytime you play it....

Singleplayer only games lack lastability especially if they are FPS games, for me they do anyway. Most of the games i have, have only been played through once the rest of the time i play them on multiplayer. Don't get me wrong..i like a good SP game and do enjoy playing through them but to do it over and over and experience the same thing is boring and tiresome and the game will be quickly shelved.

The cost of games these days aint cheap and tbh both multiplayer and singleplayer should be worked on at the highest quality, to suggest a singleplayer game is flawed because it has multiplayer included isnt fair....I could say the exact same about BF3 or BFBC2, both games are true multiplayer games but yet DICE waste time catering for the few by including a single player campaign....The Call of Duty titles also suffer from this 'lets make everyone happy' syndrome...

Computer AI will never be as good as the real thing and as far as im concerened FPS games have a major role in multiplayer gaming. Entering public servers and having your ass handed to you by some 9 year old fat kid may not be fun and could put you off mp gaming entirely... stick with it, learn strats and tactics and find a clan/team to play the said game in a competitive environment and there will be no looking back ))
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