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Just finished 8th in 11 car first race

The only time I went off the track was to avoid hitting cars sitting sideways on the track. It seemed pretty easy to avoid wrecks seeing that I was just trying to finish the race vs. winning. My qualifying time was 1:02.6 which is very good for me. Still about 2 seconds off the leaders but still fast enough to go most of the race without getting lapped.

This sim is extremely fun and is the first online racing sim I would say is very close to real. I remember when I used to race online with Nascar Racing 2004, it was would appear out of nowhere and slam into you. I don't think I ever finished a race in that game. iRacing on the other hand was very fun and I was able to see problems on the track ahead of me.

Great fun and thanks to slaWter for for inspiring me to join this sim.
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