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Default I Will Never Buy an Nforce Chipset again

Early last year, when I went searching for a new motherboard, I came across these "Nforce" boards (ASUS A7N 266-E), I thought "Great!" NVidia is a great company, they support linux, there shouldn't be any problems. Before ordering, I checked to make sure that they did, indeed, have drivers, and saw that they did. I must say, purchasing this motherboard with the nforce chipset was one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I have had nothing but problems with this chipset in linux (and just as many in windows). To run any game that uses the Quake3 engine, I have to constantly kill my X-server manually (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) because the sound locks up the X-server, it is really annoying. i have sent several emails to the tech support bug email address, to no response.

Once again, I am in the market for a new motherboard, and I see all these Nforce chipsets out there, and i'm just too scared off to even try another one. It's really sad, because I know there is the strong possiblity that they are great, but I can't justify shelling out more cash for something that I'm really scared of buying.

Obviously, I think this problem could have been avoided by either answer the bug emails, or opening up their drivers and letting the open source community have a chance at them, but either doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

I don't hate NVidia or anything, i Have a ti4200 graphics card that i'm (somewhat) happy with, I will just never buy anything outside of a graphics card again.
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