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Default Re: What percentage of PS3 games give the option to scale? (plus audio question)

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
Either way you wont notice much difference as more then likely your receiver or speakers isn't good enough to pickup the difference. I got mine set to dts as I think its better then dolby in lossy compression and better captures the dynamic range. Not all games stores audio in lossless multichannel however they all support dts.
Thanks for reply Anyway, I won't be a buying a PS3, because the image will be stretched and I'm not going to buy another display until there is a glossy H-IPS with RGB LED, and 120Hz input out.

As for audio, I disagree. When I'm listening to music, lossless vs lossy makes a far greater difference than speakers, dac, or amplifier. After listening to lossy music for a while, it starts to sound really stale, due to low dynamic range.

I've always found it odd how many early CD games used raw uncompressed Redbook audio, then after that they went straight to lossy codecs generally never above 320KBps (some ADX files can be tolerable, and Ogg vorbis can be tolerable at 512KBps, but mp3s and itunes formats suck). I know that servers would have to use more bandwidth and more storage space would be required if lossy compression had never been invented, but I think it would've been worth every bit.

I've also been bothered by texture compression artifacts. I'd rather have smaller less detailed lossless textures than lossily compressed textures. 6:1 compression for HDR textures (as in DX11 specs) is ridiculous. Artifacts can already be seen with 4:1 lossy compression in many cases.
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