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Default Re: Eurogamer on Xbox3 and PS4 - What To Expect

Obviously, the consoles even if released in 2013 will not have much more horsepower then a mid-range pc at the time of release. However, what may benefit pc gamers is if both Sony and Microsoft utilize a more pc-centric standard such as DirectX. Look at games today. With the option for AA/AF and high rez effects, crysis can be run on a 10,000 dollar monster system or 2000 dollar average system with significant visual fidelity differences between the two. The consoles of next gen will be akin to the 5800GTX enabled pc's of today. The pc's of two years will probably be DirectX 12 compatible, but play DirectX 11 very well. Obviously, it would benefit gamers in general if the consoles and pc's have some sort of standard. Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft won't go Nintendogs route and release a circa 2008 console. Will be interesting.
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