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Default Re: WHQL 280.26 Released

I had a problem installing them and usually that process goes very smoothly.

I installed and it got up to the HD Audio driver and it wanted to reboot, it has never done that before. It never finished the rest of the install though.

So I rebooted and when it came back in, the Nvidia driver window came up, looking like it was going to continue and finish. Then it said FAILED and ended.

So I had to start the install process over and it mixed my 270.61's with some of the newer files. I saw this when it shows the old and new versions side by side. It then installed and worked fine.

Very strange.

Performance seems good so far, only played WoW, seems a little better. I have yet to try Witcher 2. It almost seems like these are the 275.33's with some new 3D profiles. I hope I'm wrong.
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