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Default Re: What percentage of PS3 games give the option to scale? (plus audio question)

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
yeah unfortunately most ps3 and xbox 360 games is rendered in 720p internally and must be upscaled. There's but only a handful of true 1080p games.
Both the ps3 and the 360 does the upscaling so the display needs not take care of that. It was only in the early ps3 games where the display had to upscale to 1080p from 720p as sony didn't release complete info to devs about the internal scaler. On the 360 this was always automatic.

As for audio I was speaking generally, most people don't notice the difference but some do.
I notice the difference in dynamic range too as I've composed music for so many years and is used to listening
Ogg is far better then mp3 in maintaining the dynamic range across the bit rates.

Dts 5.1 is 1536 Kbps so its greater then mp3 and ogg.
while dolby 5.1 is 384kbps or 448kbps.
they both offer lossless 7.1 compression and the ps3 and games supports that however I don't think all games make use of it as it takes up a crap load of space.

Flac is a lossless format you can store your music in btw and I think it's open source like ogg.

If you really want good dynamic range closer to that of analogue recordings you need to go 24bit audio as it offers much better sound resolution so to get less sound aliasing when bitrate isnt a factor anymore but everything in your audio chain needs to support this. The ps3 does in the lossless formats.

I really like the new dx11 texture compression methods as they work much better with the multi colored detailed maps. as the old compression methods were ment for black and white.
IIRC, the problem with PS3 scaling is it doesn't have a hardware scaler. It has to use software scaling, which sucks, and eats into processor power. Luckly, the cell processor is good at just that, but it still needs a chunk of processor time.
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