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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Co-workers here are buzzing about playing MC on a self-hosted server. They love it!

One guy is donating his old workstation to be the new server, instead of me running it through VBox. Awesome.
Just make sure it's running Linux. MC Server hates windows for some reason... I'm running mine in a VM on gentoo on top of a windows pc. Runs better than just running it from the windows box.

As for plugins half of the ones I was using didn't get updated, so they are pretty parse right now.

If you like to cheat, I suggest voxel more. It lets you type /more and it will give you a full stack of any item you are holding. Makes it a lot easier to build things than spending the time getting resources. If you're only going to be playing a couple of hours a week you'll probably spend most of your time mining for stuff.

Minecart mania has some really neat stuff to it. It isn't as needed as before now with all of the booster tracks, but it can still provide lots of ways to make traveling easier.

I have another plugin called proper time which is useful for speeding up night time since it takes way too long. Have it set to double time for dusk and night so you don't spend 5 minutes in pitch black just standing there.
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