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Default Re: nvidia vows to ship kepler by years end

With the conference call yesterday, an investor offered a nice question about 28nm and surprisingly received an informative answer and why I enjoy the Q&A aspect of the calls:

Hans Mosesmann - Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

And if I can, just a quick follow-up. 28 nanometer, how does that look relative to 40-nanometer? That was a tough industry transition. Can you give comment there?

Jen-Hsun Huang

28, we are far, far better prepared for 28 than we were for 40. Because we took it so much more seriously. We were successful on so many different nodes for so long that we all collectively, as an industry, forgot how hard it is. And so one of the things that we did this time around was to set up an entire organization that is dedicated to advanced nodes. And we've had many, many tests chips run on 28-nanometer. We have working silicon and, momentarily, about to go to production with 28-nanometer. And it's looking really good, it's looking much, much better than our experience with 40-nanometer. It's just a comprehensive, across-the-board engagement between TSMC and ourselves, and making sure that we're ready for production ramp when the time comes. So I feel really good about 28.
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