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Default Re: Upgrade: Need some help from the savvy

Originally Posted by ahheadlock View Post
Hey guys

Sorry for another one of these threads. Its time for a CPU upgrade, and i'm totally out of the loop with whats good at the moment.

From what i can gather, sandy bridge is what you want?

i'm on a bit of a budget, but i do want the best bang for buck. So i'm thinking an intel core i5 2500k is probably a good bet.

or is it worth shelling out the extra for a 2600k?

anyone got some good motherboard suggestions? and ram while i'm at it?

I'm currently on an old C2D of some variety, but i have upgraded the video card to a GTX 570

so far i'm thinking
intel core i5 2500k
asrock z68-pro3
16gb kingston hyperx 1600
That's just about exactly what I'm looking at getting (even the Asrock) only with 8Gb ram for my end of year upgrade if able.

From what I've seen the extra $100 for the 2600k would be better spent on another component - for me anyway, very budget restricted right now.
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